Lot 332 - Alicia Paz - Untitled
Lot 332 - Alicia Paz - Untitled

Lot 332 - Alicia Paz - Untitled

Digital Print on Paper
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Signed on verso

Alicia Paz's paintings, collages and standing figures deal primarily with identity and the notion of a divided subject/author, and explore the mutability of subjectivity. Paz focuses on the female figure: the Self is experienced and presented as multiple, paradoxical, and in flux. Inhabiting fantastical and exotic landscapes, Paz's feminine subjects become fused and combined with organic life. Strange and unsettling visions of tree-women and monster-women also represent the fusion of the Subject with painting itself: she often depicts amphibian or plant-like figures “weeping” pigment, their limbs, hair, and various ornamental accoutrements mud-caked and dripping, as if extracted from a colourful, post-cognitive swamp. Her work at times incorporates elements taken from the applied and decorative arts, using these registers as a vehicules for intertwining narratives. Other recent subjects include cultural hybridity and representations of family, exploring the complexities of kinship and lineage in a globalized world.


Paz graduated from U.C. Berkeley, ENSBA-Paris, Goldsmiths College, and Royal College of Art, London.


Alicia Paz is currently exhibiting her work at the FRAC Ile de France, Château de Rentilly, as part of the group exhibition ""Le Cabaret du Néant"". Up-coming projects include “Life Stories”, a group exhibition at Chatsworth House, UK, and a solo presentation at the Maison de l‘Amérique Latine in Paris. Collaborative projects scheduled for 2021 include a show at the Beecroft Gallery in Southend-on-Sea, as part of Metal’s Thames Estuary Festival, as well as at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre in North Lincolnshire, UK. Paz has had several solo exhibitions in the UK, France, Germany, Mexico, and Argentina, most recently at the Museo Leonora Carrington in San Luis Potosí, Mexico (2019), and also at Kunstmuseum Magdeburg, Germany (2016). The latter was accompanied by a 96-page bilingual monograph published by Verlag für Moderne Kunst, Vienna. As a multi-cultural artist, Paz’s work was included in the group exhibit Tous, des sang-mêlés, held at MACVAL, Vitry-sur-Seine, France (2017). Earlier solo projects include an exhibit at Dukan Gallery in Leipzig (2014), Mexican Cultural Institute in Paris (2013), Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London (2006) and Ruth Benzacar Gallery in Buenos Aires (2005). A semi-retrospective exhibit of her work was featured in L.A.C. Sigéan in collaboration with FRAC Occitanie (2010). Paz has also participated in various international painting survey exhibits such as Heute. Spektrum. Malerei. at Kunstmuseum Magdeburg (2012) as well as Slow Magic, Contemporary Approaches to Painting at the Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool (2009). Between 1997 and 2002 Alicia Paz was represented by Espace d’Art Yvonamor Palix (Paris, Mexico City) along with artists Orlan, Sandy Skoglund, Aziz + Cucher, Studio Orta, and Duncan Wylie, among others. Paz's work is part of various international public and private collections and has been the subject of numerous catalogues and publications; her work has has been reviewed/featured widely (Art News, Art Press, Modern Painters, Art Forum, Turps Banana, The Guardian, Le Monde, Libération, Beaux-Arts Magazine, New York Times, Reforma, etc…). In August 2017 Paz unveiled a public sculpture commission at Kunstmuseum Magdeburg, titled Insel der Puppen (Island of Dolls), in steel and enamel.

About the postcard artworks

These are maquettes I developed in preparation for paintings, dating from 2000. For many years I have been interested representations of the "artist figure", allegories of painting, and gender relations between subject and author.