Lot 332 - John Hainsworth - Summer 212
Lot 332 - John Hainsworth - Summer 212

Lot 332 - John Hainsworth - Summer 212

Acrylic on Paper

Hainsworth creates mysterious (verging on sinister) paintings with a cinematographer's eye. The artist makes work with a Noir quality, drawing out film's inherent ghostliness. The paintings feel as if they are part of some catastrophic B-movie trajectory, which is what makes them charged and compelling. 


Artist Statement 


My work engages with romantic and sublime modes of thinking, to explore and document the demise of a fictitious world. This demise comes in the form of presenting the viewer with a surreal and extreme narrative on the current global strain placed on finite resources. 

It is this strain that allows me to create work focused on the notion of our transition into a new human induced geological epoch called the Anthropocene. The increasingly complex control and use of resources has driven me to create a narrative that appears to commentate and document such a change. Within this subject, I concentrate my imagery on landscapes of geological importance and scenes based on personal experiences from growing up in and around the Teutoburger Wald, in North-West Germany.