Lot 356 - Laxmi Hussain - Blue Faith 02
Lot 356 - Laxmi Hussain - Blue Faith 02

Lot 356 - Laxmi Hussain - Blue Faith 02

Mixed Media on Paper

Elegant and ethereal but also precise and geometric, Laxmi Hussain’s drawings exist somewhere between the abstract and the realistic. Her finely detailed line forms are rooted in a fascination with architecture, a subject she studied for several years before becoming disillusioned with the constraints and rigidity of the discipline and shifting her focus to the unconstrained creative possibilities offered by art.  
Laxmi has been drawing for as long as she can remember. As a child in London, she would lose hours after school, sketching on the counter in her dad’s corner shop. But it is only since the birth of her first child, that Laxmi has turned her passion into a profession. Re-inspired by the irrepressible joy in creativity shown by her children, she picked up the pencil once again, finding artwork to be a valuable means of reclaiming her own identity amid the emotional blurrings of motherhood.  
Her inspiration comes from the forms encountered in everyday life, taking inspiration from her own body and the shapes and vessels it has presented over the years through motherhood and more. Working in several different media, usually at night, Laxmi is driven by experimentation, constantly exploring new techniques and searching for the shapes and subjects they express best. Often, her work includes elements that appear incomplete, obliging the viewer to pause and engage with the artwork, filling in the absences themselves rather than just dismissing it and moving on. 


BA (Hons) Architecture 

Womanhood - Nov 2020 at North Coast Asylum 

Online - Partnership Editions https://partnershipeditions.com/collections/laxmi-hussain 
North Coast Asylum - https://www.northcoastasylum.com 



About the Postcards 


As with all my work, I explore the body. The continuation of which is represented in these two pieces I have created for AOAP. I explore the varying forms the body, particularly my own, goes through over time, through life, motherhood, being a daughter, a sister, a wife. I seek to normalise that the body changes, adapts and evolves over time and that whatever shape it takes, it is just a vessel and we should appreciate all the forms it takes, honouring its stages and its life.