Lot 357 - Holly Allan - All is Fine, 2021
Lot 357 - Holly Allan - All is Fine, 2021

Lot 357 - Holly Allan - All is Fine, 2021

Cotton Thread on Raw Canvas


Holly Allan is a London based artist working predominantly in embroidery. She completed her BA Hons in Illustration and Visual Media at London College of Communication, UAL 2017 and now works at her home studio in London. Taking inspiration from everything in her orbit, from nature to the female nude to portraiture - she enjoys the very intimate, meditative and methodical medium of embroidery to show her interpretation of her environment. 


Group Shows 
Fulham Town Hall, London 2021 
5ways, Cuts, Soho, London 2019 
rust, Apiary Studios, Hackney, London 2017 
Public Collections 
Soho House, UK 
Emmett, London 



About the Postcards 


Holly’s recent work is taking a look at the relationship between city and nature, no matter how hard we try to push nature away it will always find a way through. Weeds in pavements, plants growing out of walls, nature will always conquer. With this in mind Holly intertwines her threads like shoots or roots round and through architectural forms, celebrating human endeavour with natures will.