Lot 380 - MC 	Llamas - Polaroid Clown

Lot 380 - MC Llamas - Polaroid Clown

Polaroid and Acrylic on Paper
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Bidding starts at £50

This piece is made up of collaged polaroid images that I took before Covid. The fragments reflect a sense of partly lost memory, that it turned into an abstractive pattern.  The pieces are pulled back together through painterly brushwork that unifies the image. One can decipher the suggestion of a face both through the fragments of Polaroid and the movements of colour. As a whole this piece reflects sentiments of loss and emotional longing. 

MC was born and raised in Paris, she moved to London in the aim of expanding her horizon and understanding of the arts. Her work presents the viewer with fresh, vibrant and darkly psychedelic pieces. In creating her body of work, MC aims to mirror societal issues involved in contemporary news and events. MC’s inspiration is driven from Warhol’s personality based myth of the artist and Picasso’s search for the perfect representation of an emotion truth through the use of classical media. MC tricks the eye of the viewer into gloomy painted and etched planes, with a certain underlying absolute idealism always remerging beneath the initially known image, ultimately striving for an identification of the system.