Lot 382 - Nikoleta Sekulović - Téano (Pythagorean Philosopher)
Lot 382 - Nikoleta Sekulović - Téano (Pythagorean Philosopher)

Lot 382 - Nikoleta Sekulović - Téano (Pythagorean Philosopher)

Acrylic and Pencil on Paper
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Signed on verso

Restoring one of the great subjects of Western Art to the intimacy of the ‘female gaze’, Nikoleta Sekulovic has established an international reputation with her restrained yet evocative paintings of unclothed women. The images are at once modern and timeless. The models, all known to the artist, and all fellow mothers, are given classical titles – the names of ancient Greek female poets and philosophers. 

Nikoleta Sekulovic is an artist and mother, presently living and creating in Madrid. Born in Rome to a German mother and a Serbian father, she has worked in London, Paris and New York, exhibiting across these cities.


2011-13 - Montessori Center International (MCI) Early Childhood Degree 1992-95 - Exeter University: Performing Arts 2020 - The Hypatia Collection, Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, London, UK 2018 - Aether, Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, New York, USA 2017 - Aletheia, Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, London, UK 

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About the postcard artworks

Hypatia of Alexandria (born c. 355 CE) and Teano (born c. 546 BC) were both female Greek philosophers. These were exceptional women with minds of their own, forging a distinct life for themselves and overcoming the profound sexism of their societies. These two iconic figures are represented here by modern day muses. I have often observed that while the muse poses, she is, in a way, invited to just be in the present, suspended in time, something most mothers rarely get an opportunity to experience. It is unique and empowering to give her a space in time to be “still”, to be a muse, neither pretending or trying to please anyone, just being uniquely herself.