Lot 384 - Agnieszka Brezanska - Untitled
Lot 384 - Agnieszka Brezanska - Untitled

Lot 384 - Agnieszka Brezanska - Untitled

Aquarelle on Paper
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Signed on verso

Agnieszka Brzeżańska’s work explores elusive links between various natural forces and life forms on Earth, which she perceives as Gaia, a living organism. In this, she uses various registers of knowledge, from physics and philosophy to systems of cognition marginalized by modern science, such as alchemy, parapsychology, esotericism, native knowledge or matriarchal traditions. She is also interested in contemporary ecological practices. She is an author of paintings, drawings, films, photographs and ceramics. Since 2016, together with artist Ewa Ciepielewska, she has been organizing a mobile artistic residency on water under the title ”FLOW/PRZEPŁYW.” 


Agnieszka Brzeżańska studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk (1992–1995) and later in Warsaw (1995–1997), as well as at the Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music (1998–2001). Received scholarships from the DAAD (Berlin, 2008–2009), the Collegium Helvetic- um (Zurich/ETH, 2004), the Büchsenhausen (Innsbruck, 2005), and the Japanese government (1998–2001, Tokyo).


Her works have been presented in numerous solo exhibitions, such as “World National Park” at Królikarnia The National Museum, (Warsaw 2019/2020), “Matrix-Sratrix,” Kasia Michalski (Warsaw, 2016), “Ma Terra,” Vera Munro (Hamburg, 2015–2016), “This All Occurs Quickly, With Ease, Grace and Joy,” Marlborough Contemporary (London, 2015), “Ziemia rodzinna/Ma Terra,” Contemporary Museum Wrocław (Wrocław, 2014), “Kobayashi Maru,” Nanzuka (Tokyo, 2014), “A Painting Cycle,” Nomas Foundation (Rome, 2012), “Back to the Garden,” Galerie Kamm (Berlin, 2012), “Cosmic Equation,” Kunsthaus Baselland (Basel, 2010), “Galactic Resonance,” Hotel (London, 2010), “Playlist,” DAAD Galerie (Berlin, 2010), as well as group exhibitions, including “Emma Kunz Cosmos Aargauer Kunsthaus, (Aarau 2021), “Biennale Gherdeina,” (Ortisei 2020), “Cosmological Arrows,” Bonniers Konsthall (Stockholm, 2019), “Paint, Also Known As Blood. Women, Affect, and Desire in Contemporary Painting,” Museum of Modern Art (Warsaw, 2019), “Pangea United” Muzeum Sztuki (Łódź, 2019), “How to Talk With Birds, Trees, Fish, Shells, Snakes, Bulls and Lions,” Hamburger Bahnhof (Berlin, 2018), “Goddesses,” BWA Warszawa (Warsaw, 2018). In 2018, she participated in the 10th edition of the Berlin Biennale. Later that year, she received the main prize from the ING Polish Art Foundation during the Warsaw Gallery Weekend.

Gallery Representation

BWA Warszawa (Warsaw) NANZUKA (Tokyo)

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