Lot 391 - Tau Lewis - Thank You Woman, 2020

Lot 391 - Tau Lewis - Thank You Woman, 2020

Recycled Leather and Acrylic on Paper
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Bidding starts at £50

'Tau Lewis' self-taught practice is rooted in healing personal, collective and historical traumas through labour. She employs methods of construction such as hand sewing, carving and assemblage to build portraits. She considers spaces of erasure, what they might hold, and how we can re-access these spaces as generative information centres through storytelling and imagination. Her work is bodily and organic, with an explicit strangeness. The materiality of Lewis’ work is often informed by her surrounding environment; she constructs out of found objects and recycled materials. She connects these acts of repurposing, collecting and archiving with diasporic experience. Her portraits are recuperative gestures that explore agency, memory and recovery.


'Thank you woman':


I can't wait for us to meet one day as angels

so much fun we deserve to have woman!


Thank you woman, thank you woman!


never enough space on never enough pages,

to tell you enough times, 

Thank you woman!


I thought I couldn't go on, and you kept me pushing through,

It's because of you!

Thank you woman!


I've been sewin' around in circles, 

sewin' around in circles...


I'm hoping for tomorrow, I'm almost ready for tomorrow!

Thank you woman for every tomorrow you already gave me.


You'll always hear me cheering for you.