Lot 407 - Danny Treacy	- Nos #4

Lot 407 - Danny Treacy - Nos #4

Charcoal and Dirt on Paper
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Bidding starts at £50
In his practice, Danny Treacy explores the ideas of land use, shared experience and social invisibility. Treacy is interested in territories where people gather because there is nowhere else to go, where communities exist in a fragile state as a result of social exclusion. Often these places are overlooked and not perceived to have a positive function, yet through human interaction and intervention act as a collective for those who are dislocated or marginalised. It is here that Treacy gathers the material for his work which explores and reflects on the diverse activities carried out in these sites. The collection of objects he gathers necessitates an intimate and constant engagement with the space, made works become signs or emblems that counter social invisibility by highlighting a place’s functionality for those communities whose presence there is unseen, unconsidered or ignored.