Lot 418 - Celine_A and Evans Mbugua (Collaboration) - Souffle De Vie 08
Lot 418 - Celine_A and Evans Mbugua (Collaboration) - Souffle De Vie 08

Lot 418 - Celine_A and Evans Mbugua (Collaboration) - Souffle De Vie 08

Ink and Paint on Paper


Celine_A questions the dualistic vision of our society based on power relations and on opposition. Her artistic work explores a new relationship to the world, the encounter. Since 2017, she has established a dialogue between nature and culture. Nature is not external or made up of objects useful to man and therefore usable, but it constitutes our atmosphere, our environment. It is through this relationship to the world that the artist proposes an exploration of sensations. 


Evans Mbugua 

Born in Nairobi in 1979 and after obtaining his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1997, Evans MBUGUA decided to continue his studies in France, a surprising destination for a student from an English-speaking African country. After graduating from the University of Toulouse, he enrolled at the l'École Supérieure d'Art des Pyrénées (Upper School of Art of the Pyrenees) and obtained a graphic design degree in 2005. While at the same time starting a professional career as an art director in a communications agency in Toulouse, MBUGUA continued to explore the field of visual arts in his personal studio.  
In 2011 he decided to go to Paris, where he has since devoted all of his time to artistic exploration and design. MBUGUA has exhibited his work in prestigious institutions and events all over the world. It is his colorful universe, full of energy and the joy of living, that he shares with everyone who knows how to appreciate his work and there are many!  
His work has been shown in Europe, the United States and in his home continent, from Morocco to the South African Republic. He has participated in many contemporary art fairs, including some of the most famous fairs dedicated to contemporary African art (principally 1:54 London and AKAA Paris). Additionally, some of his works have been sold in specialized sales of large auction houses in Paris and elsewhere.