Lot 422 - Yushi Li - The Nightmare 2019
Lot 422 - Yushi Li - The Nightmare 2019

Lot 422 - Yushi Li - The Nightmare 2019

Inkjet Print on Paper

Chinese-born, London-based photographer Yushi Li's photographs are said to work towards "provoking" and offering alternatives to the binary of male and female. They do this largely by disrupting the idea of the gaze (and as such, the "male" or "female" gaze) by showing not just new ways of looking at a subject but new ways in which they're looked at. 


Born in 1991, China 
Based in London, England 
PhD Arts & Humanities, 2018-present 
Royal College of Art, London, UK 
MA Photography, 2016-2018 
Royal College of Art, London, UK 
MA Environmental Systems Engineering, 2014-2015 
University College London, London, UK 
Solo Exhibitions 
Your Reservation Is Confirmed, 2019 
Fotogalleri Vasli Souza, Malmo, Sweden 
Group Exhibitions 
The Same Tendency, 2019 
Summerhall Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK 
209 Women, 2019 
House of Parliament, London, UK 
Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2018, 2018 
South London Gallery, London, UK 
Encontros da Imagem, 2018 
Braga, Portugal 
Pingyao International Photography Festival, 2018 
Pingyao, China 
2017 Harley Open Exhibition, 2017 
The Harley Gallery, Nottingham, UK 
Awards and portfolio viewing 
Plat(t)form 2019 
RPS Hundred Heroines, 2019 
Human Rights Photography Prize, 2018, finalist 
Discovery Awards 2018, finalist 
New Photography Prize 2018 
Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2018, finalist 
2017 Harley Open Call, 2017, shortlisted