Lot 440 - Alida Rodrigues - I Am Growth

Lot 440 - Alida Rodrigues - I Am Growth

Mixed Media Collage on Paper
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Signed on verso

Born 1983, Angola - Lives and works in London Works within the medium of collage are created from cuttings of botanical illustrations and found images applied to 19th century postcards, carte de visite, and cabinet cards. They are peculiar, grotesque and strangely beautiful re-imaginings the human form. 

By using botanical illustrations to show the exoticism of the plants referencing the distant land they originated from, for example Africa, South America and Asia while mainly focusing on the lack of photographic images, showing people of different ethnic groups which were mainly kept in museums or hidden away in storage. 

The work focuses on loss of identity, and it poses questions about the "sense of belonging" or "sense of un-belonging" that is familiar with those who have experienced living in a country they may or may not have been born into as well as hidden history which has been taken away from them. I am interested in the hidden historical position of the 19th century photographs, as a relic of the colonial period. By transforming the portraits with plant elements, I interfere and disrupt the narrative of the image, and its associated histories. 


BA Fine Art, The Slade School of Fine Art, London, UK 2007 


Solo Exhibitions Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Trondheim, Norway 2014 Selected Group Exhibitions Forthcoming MSN Museu Noguiera da Silva, Braga, Portugal 2021 Discursos de Colonialidade This Is Not A White Cube/Not a Museum, Lisbon, Portugal 2020 Taxidermia do Futuro, Museu Nacional de Historia Natural de Angola(SIEXPO), Luanda, Angola 2019 Intersections Within The Global South Galeria Banco Economico, Luanda, Angola 2019 Mythopoeia Tiwani Contemporary, London, UK 2015 Interchange Junctions, Howick Place, London, UK 2015 Residencies Iniva(Institute of International Visual Arts), London, UK 2014 

About the postcard artworks

Each piece focuses on the idea of women's growth through the eyes of various plants.