Lot 443 - Jarek Puczel - Girl on a Swing
Lot 443 - Jarek Puczel - Girl on a Swing

Lot 443 - Jarek Puczel - Girl on a Swing

Acrylic on Paper

Looking at my work, you will undoubtedly come across many stories of romantic love. Being a careful observer of this kind of love inspires me to portray it in a bitter-sweet duality. Some of these experiences are my personal, others I have attracted through emotional resonance, somehow accessing others people's stories. From a larger perspective, it doesn't matter what is "mine or yours", as most of us go through similar experiences. Working in a common mental field allows me to overcome my innate introversion and gives me a liberating sense of development and self-transcendence.

I try to find a balance between the sensuality of the depiction and the clarity of the ideas presented. To weaken the identification with a specific realistic embodiment, I reduce and intensify the form of my work. Consciously minimize facial features, avoiding man's individual aspects and emphasize their "intimate anonymity". I accept the projective nature of my paintings and I am pleased with their semantic independence.


1990 MA, University of Warsaw, Poland

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2020 Inside & Beyond, Maybaum Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2020 2020: Parallel Spaces, Galeria Milano, Warsaw

Selected Group Exhibitions

2020 Until We Meet Again, Treat Gallery, New York, NY

2019 Collective show, Maybaum Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2018 Fresh!, Juried, JanKossen Contemporary, New York, NY

Selected Art Fairs

2020 Art Miami, Miami, FL

2020 Untitled, Art., San Francisco, CA

2019 Art Miami, Miami, FL

Gallery Representation

Maybaum Gallery, San Francisco; Guy Hepner, New York; Galeria Milano, Warsaw; Galerie Sandhofer, Salzbur