Lot 466 - Larissa Lockshin - Girl Asleep on the Sofa
Lot 466 - Larissa Lockshin - Girl Asleep on the Sofa

Lot 466 - Larissa Lockshin - Girl Asleep on the Sofa

Pastel on Paper
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Signed on verso

Larissa Lockshin is a Canadian-born artist based in Queens, New York. Seeking to challenge the existing associations, categorizations, definitions, and language surrounding art, Larissa Lockshin emphasizes objecthood over image content. Employing printer ink, acrylic, oil sticks, enamel, and chalk, Lockshin creates objects that reach out to the viewer and exist in the liminal space between painting and sculpture. A frustration with the emphasis on performance and conceptual art in her formal education first drove Lockshin to abstraction, and her subsequent work challenges the image’s drained value in an oversaturated, digital world. The question of how art can maintain its value as a physical object when most artworks are viewed online impelled Lockshin to create artworks that defy the confines of digital reproduction, countering notions of what painting is through loosely impressionistic, largely unrecognizable forms. Exhibitions 

Her recent solo and two-person exhibitions include: 2020 “Iced Rowanberries”, The Newsstand Project, Los Angeles, CA (2020),  “Cadmio Limon”, curated by Cristina Anglada, Galeria Pelaires, Majorca, Spain (2020), NADA “This is Fair”, Melanie Flood Projects (2020), ARCO Lisboa, Galeria Pelaires (2020), "Mal" curated by Underground Flower & The Sunroom, Richmond, VA (2020). "Elephant Heart" (Solo), Y2K Group, Tribeca, NYC (2019), "Fashion Club" (Solo), Thumbelina's, NYC (2019), "Scarecrow Show", curated by Abby Lloyd, Dennis Witkin & Hadley Vogel, Watermill, NY (2019), "Metal Meadow", Camp Eternal Hell Chamber, NY (2019), Odette, Melanie Flood Projects, Portland, OR (2019), Bad Dream House, American Institute of Thoughts and Feelings, Tucson, AZ (2018); Far Side of the Valley, Albert Baronian, Brussels (2015); Bone Dry, 3434, New York (2016); Close But Not Cigar, Johannes Vogt Gallery, New York (2015). Recent group exhibitions include: Scarecrow Show, The Green Thumb, Watermill, NY (2019); Metal Meadow, Camp Eternal Hell Chamber, Cobleskill, NY (2019); Exit Soul, Liberal Arts Roxbury, Roxbury, NY (2018); Moondog, East Hampton Shed, New York. 

Gallery Representation 

She is represented by Galerie Baronian/Xippas in Brussels.