Lot 54 - Yuriko Kawase - A Star Plant
Lot 54 - Yuriko Kawase - A Star Plant

Lot 54 - Yuriko Kawase - A Star Plant

Sumi Ink on Paper

Yuriko Kawase is a sumi-e artist based in Tokyo, Japan. Her art is expressed through equal parts sumi, water, paper, and inspiration, seeking to offer a simple worldview that is gentle, yet impressive; strong, yet delicate — a style that remains quietly in one’s mind.


About the postcard artworks 

Sumi + water + paper = very simple. (Sometimes I use pigments) Sumi's paintings I draw are a unique world. There is no composition or draft because I write it all at once with inspiration. 
Cut out the space-time at that time and put Sumi soaked in water on the paper from the brush. Sumi who got the life spreads on the fibers and begins to swim. The blurred color leaves a rich gradation on the paper. 
The color changes over time and she Sumi calms her down. 
Distortion is Sumi's own work, and the end of the collaboration with water permeates the paper and is there. 
The simple and delicate style remains quiet in your mind. 
A gentle, minimal but strong message will be downloaded to the viewer's mind. 
learned painting by myself. 
living by drawing with the support of people all over the world who like my paintings. 
The only art supplies are sumi, water and paper. 
I've loved drawing since I was a kid. 
The paintings have always saved me from reality. 
It was like opening the door from a storm and providing a shelter.



2019 ’ 

February New York Pleiades Gallery Smiley Exhibition 
April Los Angeles Gallery Art House Early Summer Exhibition 
September Spain Madrid Biennale 2019 Textiles Division 
October New York Van Der Plus Gallery Harvest Moon Exhibition 
November Participated in the Russian magazine "Alpha Magazine" 2019-2020' first issue No. 4 "Overcoming Fear" as the first Japanese painter. 
Besides, he is the product design of Holmes & Marchant the product design of IKEA 

2020 ’ 
April The exhibition at Gallery Mona Lisa in Paris, France was canceled due to Covid19.
July Japan ink painting and poetry collection "Octavia 598" will be on sale for a limited time.  
End of sale. 
October: Currently participating in an online gallery in the "Gallery M & A  Art Agent" art book in Sweden P17. Until mid-January 
December San Francisco art magazine "Venti Journal" 
Contributed a statement about the definition of works and art and the production of works in the first issue No. 3. 

January Cooperated in providing the artwork“ Feather ”to the British charity“ DrawFor ”#DrawForYoungLives. The proceeds of the work will be used to help prevent suicide among young people in the UK. 
Hampstead Art School in London, England. 
My work will be an issue in the online class of Foundation students.