Lot 551 - Adam Koukoudakis - It's All About the Vaccine #We Can All Be Gods

Lot 551 - Adam Koukoudakis - It's All About the Vaccine #We Can All Be Gods

Ink on Card
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Bidding starts at £50
b. 1976 Adam is a father, painter, illustrator and collagist who studied Fine Art at Chelsea & Berlin Institutes of Art before graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2006.

In the same year he was invited to participate in his first post - graduate group show “STENCH” with Banksy et al at Greek Street's Lazarides Gallery, at a time when the gallery was inspiring a broader movement of artists, whose work blurred the lines between street art, illustration, graphics and fine art, something Adam has always been a proponent of, especially after his time on the streets of Berlin.

In 2007 he started a long term relationship with Jealous Gallery who he continues to work with today and accepted an invitation from Banksy to participate in Santa’s Ghetto, Bethlehem, before embarking on a busy circuit of International shows, projects, collaborations and private commissions until 2010, when he took a hiatus to enjoy the birth of his daughter.

Always a painter, illustrator and lover of collage and screen printing, Adam's process explores the combination of all by hijacking the pulling of ink & screen, instead projecting his screens onto canvas/card and replicating the process by hand.

His work has always depicted subjects and topics close to his heart, from early political angst in his early career, to the unapologetic love of his family which was explored in depth in his two man show "Cultural Debris" with Jono Boyle in 2015. However in more recent times Adam has turned his attention to more left-field areas of investigation such as unearthing the “truth" of our ancient past, black budget space programs and a whole pandora’s box of discovery that challenges the social/cultural political rhetoric that our religions, history books, governments and media would have us believe.