Lot 63 - Jeremy Annear	- Linear Dance II

Lot 63 - Jeremy Annear - Linear Dance II

Ink and Watercolour on Paper
2 x A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Bidding starts at £50

Jeremy Annear is an English painter who was introduced to St Ives modernism in his early formative years. He lives and works in Cornwall. Annear studied Fine Art Painting and Printmaking at Exeter College of Art in the late sixties. Annear works mostly with oil on board and canvas. The shapes, colours and forms are built up in relief-like layers, resulting to alluring textures, surfaces and edges.“I constantly play at laying paint into paint, wet into wet. I have always wanted to throw lots of paint onto my supports. Part of the deepest satisfaction of painting for me has been to achieve exactly what I want with the paint”.

Jeremy has been Represented by Messums London since 1996 for the past twenty years. Since these early days Jeremy has exhibited widely and regularly in solo and mixed shows in the Uk and abroad. During this time and for a decade or so, Jeremy was fully engaged in the cooperative community life of artists. He was an active committee member of the historic Newlyn and Penwith Society of Artists (1989-93) and sat on the Management Committee of the Newlyn Orion Gallery.