Lot 85 - Natalie Bird - Winter Light
Lot 85 - Natalie Bird - Winter Light

Lot 85 - Natalie Bird - Winter Light

Mixed Media on Paper
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Signed on verso

Natalie Bird is an artist living in South West London who paints expressive landscapes and seascapes, inspired by her love of the outdoors and nature. Her work veers towards the abstract and her wish is to capture the beauty of light and atmosphere in her paintings through texture, mark making and colour. 


Royal Academy London: Summer Exhibition - 2011 Mall Galleries, London: New English Art Club - 2015 and 2017 Mall Galleries London: Columbia Threadneedle Exhibition 2012 ING Discerning Eye Online - 2020 Hampshire Art Fair - 2015-2020 Chelsea Art Society – 2018 and 2019.

Gallery Representation: 

Nadia Waterfield Fine Art, Richmond Art Society

About the postcard artworks:

My four postcards depict landscapes inspired by the winter light we see in January. The sun is low, it sets early and if we are lucky, casts a beautiful glow before it sets. I hope my abstract landscapes may somehow speak to women in some way, because nature is so healing. Women in prison can still see the beauty of the sky and clouds and sun and even flowers or trees.