Lot 91 - Rebecca Louise	Law - Cocoon 1
Lot 91 - Rebecca Louise	Law - Cocoon 1

Lot 91 - Rebecca Louise Law - Cocoon 1

Pen and Ink with Dried Flowers (saxifraga)
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Signed on verso

Rebecca Louise Law is a British Installation Artist, best known for artworks created with natural materials, namely flora. The physicality and sensuality of her work plays with the relationship between humanity and nature. Law has a devotion to natural change and preservation. 


BA hons Fine Art University of Newcastle Upon Tyne


Notable commissions include ‘Pride’ (Skovgaard Museum, Denmark), ‘The Beauty of Decay’ (Chandran Gallery, USA), ‘Life in Death’ (Shirley Sherwood Gallery, UK), ‘Community’ (The Toledo Museum of Art, USA) and ‘The Womb’ (Fredrick Meijer Sculpture Park and Gallery, USA). Law’s work has also been exhibited by Bo. Lee Gallery, Broadway Studio & Gallery, NOW Gallery, The Garden Museum, Nivaagaards Museum and at institutions such as the Royal Academy of Arts and the Victoria & Albert Museum. 

About the postcard artworks: 


To be held by nature 

To be in nature