Lot 95 - Kikka	Nyrén - Kittens in Daycare

Lot 95 - Kikka Nyrén - Kittens in Daycare

Acrylic on Paper
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Bidding starts at £50

Born 1951 in Helsinki,Finland. Drawing since 1952. Illustrator for 50 years (not any more). Studies of art 1969-1072. Second period in the open university 1998-2005. Participated in exhibitions since 1999, mostly in Finland. Also in Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Israel. Member of the Board of Naivists in Finland Association (Suomen Naivistit ry).

Artist Statement: I paint with acrylics usually on canvas,this time on paper. Besides of painting I also make sculptures in ceramics. In my paintings the world is in peace. With my art I seek connection to strangers. We are different, it could make us rich,if we choose so. I think us humans should respect the nature (which we are part of), instead of destroying the place we live in. My bright colours resure, that there will be spring after the long and grey winter.