Lot 50 - Stella Griffiths-Lynch - Pussy Patrol
Lot 50 - Stella Griffiths-Lynch - Pussy Patrol

Lot 50 - Stella Griffiths-Lynch - Pussy Patrol

Oil paint on card


A6 (10x15cm)

Original Artwork

Signed on Verso

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Curated by Art on a Postcard



Stella Griffiths-Lynch, a contemporary artist based in London, UK, navigates the intricate landscape of modern relationships through her captivating paintings. Her artistic lens skillfully straddles the realms of fiction and reality, bringing to life scenes of urban existence within a vibrant and colourful paradisal world. Having earned her BA in Fine Art from Kingston University in 2021, Stella's work is a testament to her profound exploration of the nuances of human connection and the urban experience whilst touching on the influence of popular culture. Her distinctive artistic style seamlessly blends delicate lines and fleshy tones with bold, architectural blocks of colour, creating a visual tapestry that sparks a delightful appreciation for the act of observation. Stella's paintings serve as windows into relatable urban narratives, each stroke and hue inviting viewers to ponder the nature of perception and representation. The juxtaposition of familiar intimate scenes against a vivid and dreamlike backdrop challenges preconceptions, urging us to reconsider the boundaries between reality and imagination and the way we look at things. 




BA Fine Art, Kingston University, London, UK 


Solo Shows 


Flashing to the Neighbours, Black White Gallery, Online 


Group Shows 


Intersections, Black White Gallery, London, UK 


Burst, London, UK 


Statement about AOAP Submitted Artwork 

“"Fruit Fight" and "Pussy Patrol" contrast moments of nature's beauty with predatory aggression. The animals act in a fable-like manner, similar to Orwell's "Animal Farm," serving as metaphors for human behaviour. Observing these delicate yet intense moments reveals many parallels to human interactions. For instance, two wasps fighting over an apple mirror how people might fight over something or someone. Similarly, a cat, predatory in its demeanour, waits for the right moment to act, reflecting how humans often behave in various aspects of life, whether positively or negatively.” 

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