Lot 56 - Ivo Morrison - Run
Lot 56 - Ivo Morrison - Run

Lot 56 - Ivo Morrison - Run

Ink on paper


A6 (10x15cm)

Original Artwork

Signed on Verso

This auction is raising proceeds for The Hepatitis C Trust

Curated by Art on a Postcard



Ivo Morrison (b. 1990, London) is a British artist. His work is hand drawn with shellac ink on paper. His primary ambition is to tell stories in his pictures; his work is exciting, silly, and a bit mysterious. He has exhibited at multiple British galleries, including with Rebecca Hossack and the British Art Portfolio, as well as internationally, most notably at Art Basel Miami Beach, Art on Paper in New York, Ink Asia in Hong Kong, and the International Art Festival of São Paolo, among others. 


Solo Shows  


The Introduction, Reeves Art + Design, Houston, USA 


I Know Some Painters that use Green, They’re all Cowards, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London, UK  


I Even Got Scared Once or Twice, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London, UK  


Group Shows  


National Horse Racing Museum, Newmarket, UK  

Manchester International Art Fair, UK  


Art Basel Miami Beach, USA  

São Paolo International Art Festival, Brazil  


Gallery Representation  

Rebecca Hossack Gallery  

Reeves Art + Design, Houston, USA 


Statement about Submitted AOAP Artwork 

"I was thinking about the kind of postcards I like to send and I realised they are in different ways always sent home. And so I wanted to draw a few things that are to do with home and the yearning for home when one is far away.  

The two more colourful pictures are about exoticism and adventure and the hope that a sender of a postcard might have to share the sights and smells of foreign lands with whoever they have left behind. In so doing a postcard writer does what I try to do everyday. To take a piece of lived experience and share it in a way that will mean something totally different to whoever receives it. 

The scissors are really about missing being able to work. I’ve been away a lot recently showing work in America and while it’s all part of the job, I spend a lot of time out there aching to be back in London with nothing but a pen in my hand, a blank piece of paper and the whole day ahead of me to figure out something exciting. 

And the penguin is there because when I’m away it’s the jokes from home that I miss most. In London I find greater appreciation for the deeply silly than I do almost anywhere else I go and I miss that silliness very much." 

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