Lot 70 - Sujin Lee - Repair
Lot 70 - Sujin Lee - Repair

Lot 70 - Sujin Lee - Repair

Oil on paper


A6 (10x15cm)

Original Artwork

Signed on Verso

This auction is raising proceeds for The Hepatitis C Trust

Curated by Art on a Postcard



Sujin Lee (b. 1983) explores negative emotions through art, inspired by personal experiences and the pandemic. Her work transforms anxiety and fear into everyday imagery, creating a paradoxical world where mundane objects evoke deep unease. Lee's meticulous technique invites viewers to reflect on anxiety, blending tension with tranquility to foster empathy and introspection.  




MFA, Fine Arts, Kookmin University, Seoul, Republic of Korea 


BFA, Fine Arts, Kookmin University, Seoul, Republic of Korea  


Solo Shows 


Soliloquy of Object, Kohuidong Art Museum, Seoul, Republic of Korea 


A Kind of Peace, oaoa, Seoul, Republic of Korea 


Ghost Image, drawingRoom, Seoul, Republic of Korea 


The Way of Defeat Fear, The Great Collection, Seoul, Republic of Korea 


Group Shows 


High-Stakes, 7 Rue Saint-Claude, Paris, France 

Record of Possession, EM gallery, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

Memory Beneath The Ego, Fantasy After The Ego, Seoul National University Museum of Art, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

On Longing (or, Modern Objects Volume II), Huxley-Parlour Gallery, London, UK 

wonder, drawingRoom, Seoul, Republic of Korea 


No Named Winter, LaLa&, Seoul, Republic of Korea 


Statement about AOAP Submitted Artworks 

“In these two works, one depicts a hand painting over a wall, and the other shows a hand fixing furniture. People often repaint surfaces when they dislike the color or material, or when it is no longer needed. Similarly, repairs are made when the current structure or assembly is incomplete. The hands engaged in these actions symbolize the notion of retrying despite mistakes or errors. 

The hands frequently appearing in my works symbolize anonymity, guiding viewers to focus solely on the situations within the paintings. The monotone backgrounds serve to erase any contextual distractions.” 

Please do not bid on artwork in our Art on a Postcard auctions if you intend on selling the artwork after you have purchased it. This auction has been organised for charity; all artworks have been generously donated by the artists to raise money for charity. When a work is sold on the secondary market it damages our relationship with the artist and prevents us from fundraising.