Yoav Friedlander for Photography on a Postcard

Jerusalem born photographer, Yoav Friedlander, says that 'between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, on a limestone hill at the edge of the Judean mountains my perception of the world got its shape.' Yoav's work is heavily influenced by his upbringings and surroundings which is evident in both the content and the aesthetic of his work. He joined mandatory army service for three years, and afterwards managed to accompany a photography degree and masters with a job as a security officer in New York, working for a while in JFK airport. His blend of clean-cut, harsh-edged aesthetic with experimental colours and forms reveals such an interesting juxtaposition of influences.

Yoav says that 'ever since I can remember it was photographs who introduced me to and informed me of my personal and collective past or present realities that are inaccessible or out of reach.' His photography is not only an exploration of his own influences but of his own inner creative processes, aware of his history and searching for his future. Often including military symbolism, such as in his photo postcard The Melted Soldier (below), his work is blended with rich exploratory concepts that reveal an eye for aesthetic as strong as his acute political awareness.

Interestingly Yoav writes that 'since the inception of photography, reality gradually became augmented by its own reflection. I am focusing my work at this point of friction'. Photography can reveal truths and insights about a certain setting or subject that, when not captured in a still frame, may not attain the same poignancy. It allows us to capture a moment of reality and to assess it in relation to our own feelings and thoughts, and in a way conceptualise reality. His pieces for our Photography on a Postcard exhibition are beautifully composed works that display all the symbolically rich craftsmanship that Yoav is known for. Both pieces are reflections on both his history and his present and more importantly explore where the two meet.

The Melted Soldier 
Yoav Friedlander

The Dead Sea Israel
Yoav Friedlander

Yoav has exhibited world wide since 2010 and now he comes to London this October for Photography on a Postcard. We feel very lucky to have such a remarkable artist on board. To apply to have your work exhibited next to Yoav Friedlander's at our upcoming exhibition go to http://bit.ly/2r0MUE4.

About the writer
Rosa Torr has a BA in Politics and Philosophy from University College Dublin, though she herself is from London. Her place of interest is political theory and in particular Gender Studies. Rosa has written for numerous online publications and the University Observer. She is also a theatre maker and is currently co-artistic director of BUMP&GRIND Theatre Company. The show she co-wrote BUMP will be on at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer. 

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