Inside The Artist's Studio

Lee Eelus

Lee Eelus invites us into his studio in Brighton where he shares the inspirations behind his artworks, the new perspective he's bringing to his process and learning to love the mistakes.

Selena Scott

Emerging artist Selena Scott describes what inspires her process, her recent trip to Barbados and the inspiration her mother provides as a textile artist.

Jessica Rose Bird

Enter the studio of artist and illustrator Jessica Rose Bird, as she shows us exclusive sketches from her projects, including backstage at Roksanda.

Gavin Turk

Enter the studio of British artist Gavin Turk as he describes his artistic style and past work. 

Ishbel Myerscough

Ishbel reflects on her portraits, the difference between working from photographs and observation and how she wants the viewer to feel observed as well.

Ruairi Fallon

Ruairi invites us into his studio to discuss his style, subject matter and his cards in the auction.

Pallas Citroen

Pallas discusses the work around the Bomb Factory and invites us into her studio, reflecting on her own artistic practice.

Andrew Pierre Hart

Andrew discusses his practice and inspirations, including his use of colour and his most influential teachers.

Mercedes Workman

Mercedes' gives us a glimpse of her studio, her journey with clay, how her children and friends inspire her, and her works in our IWD Auction.

Amy Steel

Amy takes us through her the subjects in her paintings, particularly her recurring motifs of frogs and breasts, seen in the piece she submitted.

Nana Wolke

Nana reflects on her inspirations and processes, and how the logic of moving image plays into her bold works.

Sophia Bharmal

Sophia takes through her vibrant artworks, describing her inspirations from the South Asian community and her journey to find her place within it as a second generation immigrant.

Hannah Tilson

Fresh off of her postgraduate year at the Royal Drawing School, Hannah invites us into her 'pattern world' to discuss her current practice, including making her own paint, her inspiration from fashion and patterns, and how lockdown affected her art.

Shannon Bono

In conversation with Julia Sheehan, the Hepatitis C Trust's Women's Prison Peer Coordinator. Shannon discusses how Julia's work inspired her lot which symbolises the incredible strength of the women.

Bunmi Agusto

Bunmi's practice follows the inhabitants of a surrealist wonderland in her mind called Within. She invites us into her studio to discuss her art and practice.

Helen Beard

Helen discusses her beautiful, bold work and her confident style.

Catherine Repko

We meet Catherine in her studio, talking about her practice and inspirations.

Nicholas Wyatt

Nicholas discusses the challenges of taking his ten foor painting style into our six inch format.

Mark Peppé

Mark has contributed to every winter auction since Art on a Postcard’s inception. His lot this year is a wonderful copy of an Ingres portrait - this film is a small tribute to a monumental talent.

Shaqúelle Whyte

⁠"As I grow, the work will grow, my interests will change, the work will change, hopefully in 10, 20 years time if I'm still doing this, which hopefully I am, people will still be able to step into that space along with me."

Laxmi Hussain

Laxmi takes us thought how she explores the varying forms the body, particularly her own, goes through over time, through life, motherhood, being a daughter, a sister, a wife.

Tomas Harker

Tom’s painting address the nature of meaning in conditions of mediated experience and hyperreal saturation.

Ariane Heloise Hughes
Antonia Showering
Oliver Chanarin
Andrew Torr
David Harrison
John Wragg RA
Anita Klein