Series 2: Art in the Time of Quarantine

Hello. Welcome back to Series 2 of Art on a Podcast - the podcast from the not-for-profit organisation Art on a Postcard. In this series Art in the Time of Quarantine, we’ll be having some exclusive conversations with artists, gallerists and art curators. In these times of social distancing and isolation we seek to connect over art and find out how those dedicated to putting art out into the world are negotiating these hard times. During the podcasts we delve into their work and practice, in an attempt to take your minds off of the news and back onto creative endeavors. This series we have Patrick Hughes, Donata Wenders, Dario Illari and many more. Most of the podcasts are recorded telephone conversations for obvious reasons.
If you have any thoughts on today’s episode or you’d like to share what you’ve been up to to stay creative during quarantine then please do get in touch at
Enjoy and happy quarantine!