Series 2: Art in the Time of Quarantine

Hello. Welcome back to Series 2 of Art on a Podcast - the podcast from the not-for-profit organisation Art on a Postcard. In this series Art in the Time of Quarantine, we’ll be having some exclusive conversations with artists, gallerists and art curators. In these times of social distancing and isolation we seek to connect over art and find out how those dedicated to putting art out into the world are negotiating these hard times. During the podcasts we delve into their work and practice, in an attempt to take your minds off of the news and back onto creative endeavors. This series we have Patrick Hughes, Donata Wenders, Dario Illari and many more. Most of the podcasts are recorded telephone conversations for obvious reasons.
If you have any thoughts on today’s episode or you’d like to share what you’ve been up to to stay creative during quarantine then please do get in touch at
Enjoy and happy quarantine!


EPISODE 1: Patrick Hughes

In this episode our host Rosa Torr visited Patrick Hughes in his enormous Shoreditch based studio called ‘Reverspective’ to discuss the importance of humour and philosophy in his work, how the studio functions and his name and shame column on his website reserved for imitators.

Patrick Hughes made his first three dimensional relief painting in 1964 - his intention to do the opposite of what was done. More than fifty years on, he is still doing so. 

First exhibiting with Angela Flowers in 1970, Hughes’ painted reliefs constantly baffle his audience, demonstrating how deceptive appearances can be. As we walk towards the seemingly flat paintings they loom out at us, creating a disorientating, ‘moving’ experience. The preconceived assumptions of eye and brain are challenged, inevitably raising important questions about our perception and the subconscious.

EPISODE 2: Peter Jones

In this episode our host Rosa Torr spoke with artist Peter Jones to discuss his captivating and wonderfully strange practice which features an ongoing series of various animal portraits including monkeys, lambs, bunnies and birds. These particular subjects acknowledge and communicate the traditional art historical symbolism of innocence, faithfulness and love. Peter discusses his in depth knowledge of art history, his rigorous artistic exploration and the future of art in light of the COVID-19 crisis.

EPISODE 3: Ben Edge

In this episode our host Rosa Torr interviews artist Ben Edge to discuss his unique painting practice. Ben’s work focusses on what he calls the indigenous Anglican traditions shrouded in folklore and ancient mythology that celebrates mother earth and where people use costume, dance, music, storytelling, in the tiny pockets of modern society that continue to celebrate those traditions. Ben has travelled up and down the country investigating these traditions and has found himself immersed in their practices, his paintings often depict people dressed as plants or ancient mythological creatures, in the settings in which he finds them.

EPISODE 4: Donata Wenders

In this episode our host Rosa Torr interviews artist Donata Wenders about her photographic processes and inspirations, work on film sets, and some of her iconic projects including her work with the Pina Bausch dancers with whom she became immersed and developed deep connections with. Donata speaks from a barn in Germany where she is isolating with her husband, film maker and artist Wim Wenders. 

EPISODE 5: Justine Do Espirito Santo

In this episode our host Rosa Torr interviews Justine Do Espirito Santo who works as Director at Arcadia Missa Gallery. Justine talks about how she got involved with the gallery and discusses the curation process for Arcadia Missa. 

During quarantine they are working to support disabled people against cuts, and CRIP FUND - a cause supporting disabled people through the corona crisis. Details on how you can support this work are included in the podcast. 

EPISODE 6: Julia Fullerton-Batten

In this episode our host Rosa Torr interviews photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten to learn more about her unique photography practice and gets an exclusive insight into her upcoming quarantine photo series.

Julia’s work is highly cinematic and stylised photography. Usually founded in socio-political issue or historical stories, she juxtaposes contrived sleek compositions with authentic rich stories that reflect the world we live in. View her extraordinary work on her website

Episode 7: Sara Pope

In this BONUS episode our host Rosa Torr interviews artist Sara Pope to learn more about the origins of her fascination with lips as well as her unique advice for staying creative during lockdown.

Her brand new print 'I Miss You' is now available for purchase.