Series 5: Meet The Photographers - Fine Art Photography Boxsets

Art on a Postcard is excited to release its first series of beautifully produced photography boxsets.⁠ Photographers Miles Aldridge, Sandro Miller, Ade Adekola, Harry Borden and Julia Fullerton-Batten have each made a selection of 10 of their most outstanding photographs which are printed on museum quality photographic paper and presented in individual archival boxes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.⁠


We are committed to making art available to everyone at affordable prices. Each box set is a limited edition of 100 and priced at £250 each  with 50% of proceeds going to The Hepatitis C Trust⁠ and 50% to the photographer. ⁠


These beautiful collector’s items are available to buy now HERE


Episode 1: Miles Aldridge

In this episode Miles and Rosa talk about the colour selection process, the effect homelife has on art and domestic madness.

Miles Aldridge (born 1964) is one of Britain’s most celebrated fashion photographers, who has worked for a number of international publications, including American and Italian Vogue, The New Yorker and The New York Times. Best known for his cinematic images of women, Aldridge’s work is often brightly lit by fluorescent colors and depicts a world that is at once glamorous and surreal. He aggressively confronts themes of religion, popular culture, and 1950s Americana through his signature brand of moody imagery and dark humor.

EPISODE 2: Sandro Miller

In this podcast with Sandro Miller we discuss his long time collaboration with his muse John Malkovic, his upcoming feature film, how to get a snake charmer to pose for a picture and capturing indigenous tribes that are in danger of terminal westernisation.

Sandro Miller is an American photographer known for his expressive images who has been photographing people for over thirty years. With numerous award-winning campaigns to his credit, Sandro is one of today’s foremost photographers. His work explores the limits of portraiture in both commercial and fine art photography. Typically working under the simplified “Sandro,” the photographer maintains supreme focus on the body, revealing his subject’s interiority through posture and expression. His evocation of emotion is even more potent in his solo works, as faces and bodies dominate his compositions, leaving little room for distraction from the people he captures. Sandro’s most prolific muse and model is undoubtedly John Malkovich, whose photograph as Pope John paul is featured in his boxset.


In this episode, Rosa Torr speaks with Harry Borden to gain insight into the stories behind his iconic photographs and his varied experiences working with celebrity subjects such as The Spice Girls, Gillian Anderson and Baroness Thatcher. Each of the photographs discussed in this episode is featured in his fine art photography boxset.

Harry Borden is a British portrait photographer based in London. His subjects have included celebrities Robin Williams, Ewan McGregor, Jamie Oliver, Tony Blair, and Margaret Thatcher. Examples of Borden's work are held in the collections of the National Portrait Gallery, London and National Portrait Gallery, Australia. Enjoy the podcast.

Episode 4: Ade Adekola

This episode is with Nigerian artist and photographer Ade Adekola whose ten high quality prints featuring some of his career defining works are included in his Art on a Postcard photography boxset. In this episode Ade and Rosa talk about the process behind his unique visual language, traditional African clothing and the relationship between architecture and photography.

Ade Adekola is a prolific artist, award-winning architect, entrepreneur, public intellectual and author who has produced over 40 different bodies of contemporary works. He has been showcased internationally at art festivals, fairs, and galleries in Africa, starting from his home city Lagos in Nigeria. He has become known for his craftwork in post-prodution of his images, often warping the original image so that it takes on entirely new aesthetics and in turn, new meaning.