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Here at Art on a Postcard we are couldn't be happier to welcome artist Fipsi Seilern as a contributing artist for our Art on a Ukulele project. 

Born in 1984 in London, Fipsi Seilern developed her style and honed her techniques at the long-established and well respected Charles Cecil Studio in Florence. Renowned for teaching its students the artistic practice of the Old Masters, the Charles Cecil Studio allowed Fipsi to acquire the skills of classical portraiture, and finesse fine art painting methods utilised famously by great artists throughout history. 

Still an active painter of portraits, Fipsi has nevertheless expanded the genres and styles of her work, and is most noticed and accomplished in the fields of abstract and modern art. Her art echoes the visual and conceptual style of Heironymous Bosch, whilst depicting scenes of a modern and archaic or perhaps biblical nature. In many of her paintings, large scale scenes of crowded and debauched human activity are shown before a backdrop of vast natural landscapes; often suggesting the saddening and destructive nature of human interaction with the environment.

This theme echoes throughout much of Fipsi's work, highlighting the repetitive damaging effect of society upon the natural world. It is clear to the viewer that Seilern's work is largely concerned with the dark and sordid side of humanity, the inevitable catastrophes caused by human error, and the nature of self-destruction and negated morals within belief-led bodies of people. 

Fipsi's work brings to the fore questions of principal, integrity and moral compass - asking why humans often adhere more strongly to a sense of belonging within a group context, than to their own individual values and belief systems. Her work purveys deeper questions about hierarchy and the environment through which it operates, exploring that which unites societies of the past with those of the 21st Century.

Currently living and working in London, Fipsi consistently seeks out new artistic territory and is never shy of expanding her eclectic body of work with new, adventurous and experimental mediums. Merging classical and traditional techniques with abstract modernist concepts, she is utterly one-of-a-kind and pushes artistic boundaries unlike many of her contemporaries.

We are so delighted to have Fipsi on board with the trust, and are so excited to see how she approaches our Art on a Ukulele project so please join us to find out more by having a look at our Phundee page and getting involved, and signing up to our mailing list (at the bottom of the page) to receive updates about this project and to find out about our crowdfunding campaign, the rewards we are offering and be part of the process over the next few months.
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Claudia has written for various publications including GQ and LOVE magazine. She graduated from the University of Leeds in 2014 with a 2:1 Geography and has since gone on to pursue a career in fashion, and is a full time model with Storm London. A keen writer and fashion enthusiast; her secret project 'ClaudRobe' will be launching later this Summer.
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