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Here at Art on a Postcard we are very happy have Peter Layzell on board as a contributing artist for our Art on a Ukulele project. Peter is a British born artist who was inspired to become a painter at an early age by his "Grandad Les" who painted in a shed at the bottom of his garden. 

Something to Remember Me By,

Graduating from Coventry Polytechnic in Fine Art under Alan Dyer and Harry Weinberger in 1984, Layzell has since exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the National Portrait Gallery's annual Exhibition and with Portal Painters in London, Edinburgh and Boston.

Girl with the Pearls

Peter's travels in Northern Europe allowed him to pursue and develop his interest in Flemish Renaissance paintings further; particularly the polished panel paintings of Van Eyck, Bouts, Roger Van Der Weyden and Gerard David. He works in a variety of media but uses mainly oil paints on wood panel. 

The influence of the Dutch masters on Peter's work is clear to see; the dimly lit childhood figures in his paintings emanate a melancholic quality reminiscent of Vermeer and Rembrandt. In 'Girl with Pearls', the artist harks back to the aesthetic of 'Girl with a pearl earring', using his own daughter as the model. In referencing this style, Layzell carves out a distinctly unique identity within the context of contemporary and modern portrait painters.

Describing how he approaches portrait painting, Layzell says; 'I like to look at particular faces with a forensic scrutiny, which for me is a way of getting to know the person better... sometimes my encounters with people are recorded in ways that blend memories of other individuals... I sometimes look at young people and remember myself at their age. Recalling our youth can be a melancholy experience; but this may be tempered by the memories of intense experiences that stay with us throughout our lives.'

Peter has lectured in art for many years and teaches in water and oil based media.

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