The Secret Auction 2017 Boxsets

Our Secret Auction 2017 boxsets are available now! In this years boxes we have 100 postcards by participating artists including Mick Rooney RA, Frea Buckler, Ray Richardson, Oliver Marsden and of course the cover piece by Patrick Hughes. They make great gifts for Christmas next month, as beautiful coffee table pieces and also as 100 beautiful and unique cards for you to hang or gift others with. All proceeds go to the Hep C Trust.

Nici Bungey

This beautiful featured piece is by Nici Bungey. Nici uses ambiguous geometric shapes as a means to explore our inner thoughts and memories. She works largely with paper and is fascinated by its rawness and by exploring the dialogue between spaces, edges, shapes, form and colour in their work. 

Ceal Warnants

This piece is by contributing artist Ceal Warnants who graduated from The Royal College of Art MA in 2008. Her work explores the dark side of British culture focusing particularly on ideas of youth and innocence. Creating subversive images of childhood that question nostalgic, saccharine depictions of growing up, their work is both darkly comic and disturbingly truthful.

Patrick Hughes

The cover piece is by Patrick Hughes who has been playing with dimensions for over 50 years. Their reverspective masterpieces have been revolutionary in the way artists have come to understand depth and dimensions. The dimensions in their postcard are exemplary of this. This work is both happy and complex. Colourful and youthful but with a sharp intelligence. 

Max Renneisen 

This piece is one of three Max Renneisen pieces included in this years auction. Max is a German painter. It is vital to his paintings and drawings to build on the legacy of the old masters and to explore the painterly possibilities of the imitation of nature in the light of modern imagery and pictorial media. His pieces were understandably very popular at auction. 

This, of course, is only a handful of what you can expect. You can view all the Secret Auction pieces here. You can also match up each piece to the artist here. The full list of box set artists is as follows:

June Berry, Sara Pope,  David Wightman, Georgia Peskett, Ceal Warnants, Simon Mathewson, Jessica Albarn, Jackie Berridge, Plum Neasmith, Robert James Clarke, Chris Heads, Fiona Bradford, Susie Hamilton, Matthew Krishanu, Louise McNaught Alex Jorgenson, Tom Wilmot, Adam Bridgeland, Brian Neish, Michael Kirkbride, Sarah Jack, Virginia Verran, Mandy Payne, Nici Bungey, Melissa Scott Miller, Narbi Price, Benjamin Murphy, Duncan Grant, Carol Corell, Peggy Cozzi, Lois Wallace, Kate Sherman, Neil Massey, Pam Glew, Hayden Kays, Mike Swaney, Alicia Rothman, Peter Messer, Dominic Myatt, Maggi Hambling CBE RA, Adam Dix, Magnus Gjoen, Pippa Gatty, Frank Fischer, Henrietta Dubrey, Carrie Reichardt, Twinkle Troughton, David Kiely, Johan Bjorkegren, Steven Marshall, Polly Apfelbaum, Andrew Salgado,  David Oates,  Ray Richardson, Katie Commodore Sarah Shaw David Bray  Justin Virdi  Deborah Batt  Carl Moore Patrick Hughes, Harriet Horton, Gail Brodholt, Richard Levine, Toby Ward, Ian Beck, Rosie Emerson, Ivana De Vivanco, Alex Johnson, Lesley Oldaker, Alison Pilkington, Oliver Marsden, Adam Koukoudakis, Micheal Cox, Laurence Noga, AmyMay George, Martin Yeoman, Eleanor Breeze, David Harrison, Paul Newman, Jacqueline Vanderplaat, Dougie Wallace, Seren Bell, James Faure Walker, Max Renneisen, Bobbie Russon, Nick JS Thompson, Brigitte Parusel, Mark Peppe, Łukasz Stroklosa, Marc Standing, Frea Buckler,  John Crossley, Ally Mcintyre, Orla Egan, Martyn Brewster and Mick Rooney RA.

If you like the look of these postcards, you're bound to love the full set. You can purchase your boxset here for just £19.95, all proceeds go directly to the Hep C Trust. These pieces were designed especially for Art on a Postcard Secret Auction so the postcards are unlike any others in the world. Beat the Christmas crowds and get yours today. 

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