A Chat with Rebecca Salter RA

Rebecca Salter RA is a painter and printmaker.

She studied at Bristol Polytechnic and then at Kyoto City University of the Arts in Japan, where she lived for six years. While living in Kyoto she studied traditional Japanese woodblock printing with Professor Kurosaki Akira and has since written two books on the subject.  Rebecca Salter is contributing to Art on a Postcard for the third year running.  Katherine Stewart caught up with Rebecca for a chat prior to the auction 

KS You're famed for your Japanese woodblock printing works. Before you discovered you loved this technique what other styles were you pursuing?

RS started to work in Japanese woodblock out of necessity when I was living in Japan. I didn't have a studio so had to 'live' with my work so needed a technique which wouldn't poison me. Before that I had done ceramics/screenprinting/etching/drawing/painting.

2014 Art on a postcard submission 

K S What motivates you to keep creating art? How do you continue to drive yourself if it ever gets difficult?

RS It is the most interesting activity I know of! Never dull.

Throughout the course of your career have you found the art world/market to be a welcoming environment for women artists?

RS I think the art world is difficult full stop. It is highly competitive so you have to stick to your beliefs and hope it works out.

2015 Art on a Postcard Submission 

KS Do you any advice to give to young women artists trying to make it in the art world today?

RS The only thing you can control is the integrity of the work you produce so watch that carefully. Once you are globally famous then the power dynamics shift of course!

KS Have there been any projects that you were unable to finish or pursue even though you might have really wanted to?

RS I have been lucky as I have worked in various fields - for example in collaboration with architects. One day I would love to work with a contemporary dance group and design the costumes/staging.

KS What made you want to participate in Art on a Postcard auctions?

RS I get a few requests for work for auction and I try to help out when I can. I do favour charities whose approach to the artist is professional and thought through (as this one is!).

Can you spot Rebecca's submission this year. To browse all of the lots got HERE!

About the writer
Katherine is 22 year old writer based in London. She graduated from the Courtauld Institute of Art and is an advocate for anything made or done by women. If she’s not devouring books and drinking cups of strong black coffee in downward facing dog, she’s fighting the patriarchy through interviewing women artists or giving you her heartfelt feminist opinion. She believes that the key to life is to be constantly interested in the women around you, only when we are mesmerised by the existence of each other can we truly unleash our greatest human potential. 
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