Meet George Underwood

We're very excited to reveal our behind the scene footage of George Underwood creating his piece for Art on a Ukulele. 

George Underwood is known for his album covers from the 1970’s, in particular works for T Rex, Procol Harum and of course his lifelong friend David Bowie. In fact, George is notoriously man responsible for David Bowie’s iconic different eye colours as a result of a scrap over a girl. George was originally a musician, getting signed before Bowie by Mickie Most. However, at 19 his drink was spiked with LSD causing a mental breakdown. This turn began what would become a lifetime career in surreal illustration. Underwood utilises mythical themes, celebrities and figures of the imagination as subjects for his often nightmarish and always dreamlike illustrations. His iconic long faced figures repeat into infinity against rich jet black back grounds, and smooth shapes swoop around the head of a regal looking woman to form a fairy tale crown- Underwood's pieces create gentle creases between reality and the mythical realm. 

George’s works have been exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. In his more recent works George has focused on angels. He sent some pieces to Bowie who said ‘‘God, they made me cry!’. Since Bowie died, George has returned to painting angels.

Take a look at George creating his beautiful piece from his studio. We couldn't be more delighted to have him on board. 


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