Meet the Artist: Adam Riches

Adam Riches is an emerging British painter and draughtsman. Primarily monochromatic, his characteristically stylised portraits and figurative works are sensitive responses to the human condition, ranging from furious expressive moments to poignant, melancholy reflections.

In pen on paper and oil on linen, Riches’ searing explorations of the human psyche delve into the effect of current social and political issues upon the individual and the way in which people behave towards one another. 

Ball point pen on paper

You have a unique approach to the depiction of human form and expression. What first drew you to portraiture?

I’ve always been interested in drawing and painting people. I used this copy images of historical figures when I was younger, so it probably started there. 

Tell us about a day in your studio. Do you have a creative routine?

My routine usually consists of listening to music or podcasts then getting lost in the painting process. I have to be in the right mood to make the work, or it’s usually not successful. 

 You have a very fluid approach to drawing and painting. What materials do you use and why?

I use pen for the the drawings as it’s quite immediate and lends its self quit well to my style of working. I usually work in oils for my paintings because of its forgivingness and versatility. It can be applied thickly and thinned down and more fluid like, which is how I often use it. 

You work in a variety of scales. How did you find working on a postcard scale to create these works?

I really enjoy making small drawings, so it was a pleasure for me. 


Do you have any exciting projects/exhibitions coming up?

Yes, I have a solo exhibition coming up in October. Details of the venue will be published soon on NadiaArnold.comand my Instagram @adamrichesart 

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