Meet the Artist: Diego Palacios

Read our exclusive interview with Diego Palacios, a regular AOAP contributor. Diego has submitted a card for our upcoming 2022 Winter Auction. Diego discusses how he became an artist and what inspires him.

What led you to become an artist?

I started being interested in drawing and painting rather early, with 8 years old in ground school, along with a couple of friends who would also like to draw, we would draw our classmates, among other things.

Bit by bit I realised I had to face my creative nature, which had always been there. Life is one, only. So I got determined after going to a Jordaens exhibition that I would make a painting in the old master's way. After many months it was finally finished which led to a first commissioned painting. Then, I told my wife I was ready to go all in. This was around 10 years ago and since I have been happily painting full time. She supported me and still does.

Who or what inspires your art?

Most of my painting ideas come like uninvited guests into my mind. Some of them have a strong force about themselves, compelling me to paint them. Some other times I am less inspired, and I start making lists of things which could make a good painting, I go back to them for some days trying to figure out which ones to paint. And of course, sometimes I start looking at other painters' work for inspiration, I have to admit. 

What are you most excited about art-wise in the next 6 months?

There are a couple of shows in which I am taking part here in Germany in 2022 and 2023, as well as a nice exhibiting opportunity in Denmark. There are also some plans to exhibit in Latin America.

Can you tell us more about the card you've submitted for Art on a Postcard's 2022 Winter Auction?

The inspiration behind this card is simply everyday life. It shows a young boy writing, concentrated. These are the times in which we are fully present and conscious. The times in which anxiety disappears. 

Everyday life is looked down upon sometimes as a subject, disregarded when compared to more highly charged ones. I believe everyday life is an intimate and human subject, with inherent deepness we should explore, analyse and unravel. In which most of our life happens.

The traits aren’t completely defined, suggesting the ephemeral, transient nature of experiences and the passing of time.

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