Meet the Artist: James Springall

We are delighted to announce that we will be releasing a brand new limited edition print with artist James Springall at Art Car Boot Fair in Margate this Saturday! We met with James to learn more about his practice and how his environment influences his work.


Greetings From Margate by James Springall


You grew up in Newcastle, how do you think this has affected/inspired your work?

Although it doesn't consciously influence my thinking, the experiences I had growing up there will have made their way into the work in some ways, I'm sure. We're all a product of our environment to a certain extent.

You are currently living in Bergerac, France, how does this differ from Britain in terms of inspiration?

I only just moved here a few months ago, but it's greener and sunnier, so I'm hoping to be inspired by nature more. I'm thinking about getting my camera out for the first time in a long while, and collaging from prints of photographs that I take of my new environment.


You’ve talked about analogue collage as a ‘perfect way to take back a modicum of control and make some sense of the noise.’ What would you like for viewers to take away from your art?

Whatever they like. However people interpret it is fine by me. But I'd be delighted if it put a smile on someone's face, or made them think differently about something.


Courtesy of the artist

Tell us about a day in your studio. Do you have a creative routine?

I leaf through my source materials and wait patiently for inspiration to strike. When it does, I work as quickly and intuitively as I can.


Are there particular things you need around you to work effectively? 

Source material, a scalpel, glue, space, and time.


Do you have any exciting projects/exhibitions coming up?

I have a publication coming out soon which collates the collaborative work I've been doing over the past four years with the LA-based artist, Nil Ultra. We send each other clippings in the post then make collages from them. For me, it's a very interesting way to explore the medium we both work in. Almost like William Burroughs cut-up technique, but with images instead of words.




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