Meet the Artist: Rachel Arif

We are delighted to share our exclusive interview with artist Rachel Arif, who has submitted postcards for our Summer Auction 2022. Rachel discusses her art practice and inspirations as well as her cards in our auction. 

Tell us a little about your artistic background.

I was born and raised in Rochdale, Lancashire. I moved to London in my early thirties. I studied History of Art in Manchester but I am largely self taught. Since a young girl, drawing in particular was my main love and probably my one and only interest in my school days. At the time, growing up I couldn’t quite see how I could earn a living creating and forged a more corporate career based in Soho. I was largely unhappy so in my late thirties, I decided to put 100% into painting. I now work from my studio in Greenwich surrounded by chaos but I love it.

What inspires your art?

I am inspired by so many things. My seascapes are inspired by Aldeburgh and Southwold (in Winter) in particular. I also love to stay true to my roots and love painting the old Cotton Mills in and around the North West including the bleak moorland. More recently I have enjoyed painting floral and figurative works.  I’m a little bit obsessed with Wild Flowers. My brother who passed away as a little boy used to pick them for my mum.

What are you most excited for art-wise this upcoming year?

Of course I always look forward to Art on a Postcard. I’ve had work accepted for the NEAC, the RBA, the ING, The Pastel Society and currently have paintings at several fabulous galleries mainly UK based. I was also made associate member of Manchester Academy of Fine Art quite recently so that meant a lot being in a Northern Society.

Can you tell us about the cards you submitted?

The Cards I submitted this year were a change from previous land and sea inspired works. I decided to coincide flowers and figure. I hope they do well for AOAP! 


Lots 397-399. Rachel Arif. 'Himalayan Poppies', 'An Olive Branch' & 'The Florist's Table'. Oil on Paper. 

View Rachel's lots here. 
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