Panther Seeks Mate - Andrew MacIntosh chats about Bosch and lonely hearts panthers

Andrew MacIntosh is  a largely a self-taught artist. Although he briefly attended Edinburgh’s Telford College, he educated himself as a landscape painter for 8 years before shifting direction to more surreal work. He won the National Open Art Competition in 2014 and was nominated for the John Moores Prize the same year.

 In the summer of 2001 he held a solo show in Grantown-On-Spey museum with landscapes in watercolours and ink. For the next 9 years he continued with landscape painting achieving commercial success, holding a variety of shows throughout Scotland, gaining some great commissions from members of the exclusive Carnegie Club, amongst others. When he wasn’t working he was sketching a different world.In 2010 he relocated to London using the pseudonym ‘Mackie’ to pursue this new concept.

With multiple solo and group exhibitions in London, McIntosh’s work has been included in The RA Summer Exhibition and awarded the Lynn Painters Stainers prize, alongside featuring in many private collections. 

Panther Seeks Mate Pencil

How would you describe your practice? 

Painter who enjoys a more surreal take on the world

You know how in galleries and museums you get postcards of larger works. Would you be happy with a large scale version of your work?

Of course, i’m happy for it to raise as much money as possible

Is there any meaning behind the panther on your postcard?

I’m not sure. He kind of looked lonely so I sold it as a sort of lonely hearts panther.

Has there ever been a project that you haven’t been able to complete and would you go back to it? 
Thats what drives me and most artists, I suppose. Trying to create work that fits the idea or the project. It always feels like a compromised quest to balance the vision with the finished work. 

Are there any particular artists or movements that have inspired you? 

I went to see Bosch recently in the Netherlands. One of his paintings was so good it almost felt like it was breathing. I’ve never encountered this before so there’s the distant target.

What’s happening in your art at the moment?

Just finished two solo shows - in October then start of December. So Im currently basking in having a break with a dainty chest infection for company. Planning a few different projects though.

Any exciting projects coming up in 2017? 

London Art Fair at the start of the year. 

What made you get involved with Art on a Postcard? 

As I’m an artist and not particularly well off it is important to give to charitable causes in other ways. So I am delighted to help out. I also find the way Gemma has built this has been particularly well done and tasteful. 

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