Art Car Boot Fair - Viral Edition

Art on a Postcard will be presenting the work of Haus of Lucy and Charlotte MacMillan for Art Car Boot Fair’s viral edition this September. Both artists have uniquely subverted classical painting; Charlotte MacMillan has produced a set of extreme close ups taken from the Renaissance Painter Artemisia Gentileschi and Haus of Lucy appropriates classical paintings, adding anachronistic motifs to create a jarring and unexpected result and a new meaning.
More information and interviews coming soon.
Sunday 20th September
12 - 6pm




In addition to the prints we have 4 unique Haus of Lucy ceramic figures, Lucy takes old, unloved kitsch ornaments and breathes new life into them, giving them a contemporary and humorous spin using polymer clay, found objects and ceramic paint.


Charlotte MacMillan

The set of Artemisia prints are 8 editions of 25 - 10x16 cms printed on Hahnemuhle German Etching paper & come with a certificate of authentication - £35 or £250 for the whole set



"I was interested in using the faces of Artemisia’s women as the sole focus of my prints; having moved from painting to photography and back again (with the diversion of textiles along the way) my interest with Gentileschi’s work is dissecting her female faces into half tone colour patterns. Halftone is the process of organising images into colour dots into sizes and placement. When the image is viewed at a distance, the eye sees the image as a whole, close up it’s a chaotic pattern that’s interesting on its own. I wanted organise the dots of Artemisia’s women so that they emerged at a distance, I wanted them to take order in the brain, as I moved and shunted my perspective. These determined, angry, vengeful, mournful women were there and they were all real.” - Charlotte MacMillan



Artist Bio: 

Charlotte Macmillan is a Multi-disciplinary artist. Working under the name The Collagist, she uses digital art, embroidery and traditional paper collage to subvert images.

Read our full interview with Charlotte to learn more about her career in the performance industry, her work with celebrity clients and the influence her experiences have had on her diverse artistic practise




House of Lucy

The House of Lucy prints are editions of 100 10x16 cms printed on Hahnemuhle German Etching paper & come with a certificate of authentication - £35 or £100 for all 3


"I prefer to raise a smile than challenge perception but having said that, I do like to create pieces which will hopefully get the viewer thinking. For example, I took an oil painting of a beautiful landscape and re-worked it so it had an old mattress, bags of rubbish and a broken washing machine strewn across the scene, with a sign nailed to a tree stating 'no fly tipping'. The aim was to highlight what we often see when out for a lovely visit to the countrysideand to invoke feelings of repulsion."  - Haus of Lucy


Artist Bio: 

Lucy Bryant is a contemporary multi-media artist and graphic designer. Responding to contemporary culture, Bryant’s art subverts the everyday and the banal, always striving to disrupt the ordinary and create something entirely new. 

Read our full interview with Lucy to learn more about her unique practice and her reactive approach to creating work. HERE



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