Art on a Postcard Annual Summer Auction 2020 - Contributing Artists

Art on a Postcard is delighted to announce the return of its annual Summer Auction featuring original postcard sized artworks by a carefully selected roster of outstanding contemporary artists.

Due to current events the Summer Auction will sadly miss out on having a private view but with Julian Opie’s blend of pop art and minimalism, Jake and Dinos Chapman’s distinctive iconoclasm and Oh da Laval’s erotic expressionism the auction is set to be as big a success as always.  

We are also excited to confirm that Boy George will be making his Art on a Postcard debut this summer. George has turned his hand to art in recent years with a sell out show in Monaco last November.

Art on a Postcard is proud to be partnering with Dreweatts Auction House for this auction. 

The reserve price for all the featured postcard-sized works of art will start at £50.
This is not a secret auction so this time you will know which artist's work you are bidding on.

Bidding Opens 25 June - 9 July 2020 



Abe Odedina  Adam Neate  Add Fuel  Alan Kitching  Alice Campbell  Amara Pordios   Ame72   Andrew Millar   Anthony H Haylock   Ben Edge   Ben Walker   Ben Allen Boa  Boy Kong  Brendan Murphy • Carl Moore • Cayla Birk  Cees Nouwens  Charlotte MacMillan  Charlotte Cornish  Chris Gilvan-Cartwright • Claire Collette  Cripta Djan  Daas  Daniel Malta  David Studwell • David Shillinglaw  Delphine Dsane   Donald Martiny  Dragomir Misina  Eddy Bennett • Eduardo Guelfenbein   Eliot Lord   Eloise Dörr   Emma Benz   Erin Holly   FinDAC   Fiona Grady   Frances Ferdinands   Frank Laws  Boy George   George Morton-Clark   Gerry Baptist   Ghislaine Howard  Heath Kane   Jake Champman  James Burke   Jess Quinn   Joe Lloyd   Joey Yu   Joseph Loughbrough    Joshua Raz    Julian Opie   Justin Robertson    Karen Keough   Kathryn MacNaughton   Katsutohsi Yuasa   Kev Munday   Know Hope   Kunstrasen  L7Matrix   Lee Ellis   Lee Wagstaff  Leopold Plotek  Liam Ashley Clark  Lidia De Pedro  Liorah Tchiprout  Lothar Goetz   Lucie Bennett  Lucy Bryant  Luke Insect  Marco Peimonte  Marcus Jansen  Martin Whatson  Mateo Dineen  Mathieu Bories  Maya Kulenovic  Mercedes Laguna  Mike Perry  Milo Matthieu  Molly Brocklehurst  Mr Sly  Nasser Azam  Nathan Evans  Neil Gilks  Newton Blades  Nick Veasy  Noé Two  Olga Pothipirom  Oliver Doe  Olivia Strange  Otto Schade  Pamela Sunday  Partick Jones  Paul Sonabend  Pejac  Perishable Rush  Peter Matthews  Philip Colbert  Ralph Lazar  RAWS  Remi Rough  Rex Southwick  Richard Berner  Robert Fry  Rugman  Scarlett Bowman  Schoony  Sean Christoper Ward  Seb Lester  Sebastian Burdon   Sebastian Blanck   Shane Turner   Simone Webb  Spencer Chalk-Levy   Stephen Kenny  Sue Haskel  Susie Hamilton  Thierry Bruet • Tongyu Zhao  Trudy Montgomery   Vanessa Smith  Will Blood  Yulia Bas 


"I am delighted that Dreweatts are able to work with Art on a Postcard for their Summer Exhibition and online auction, which combines three things that are very close to my heart - Art, Auctions and Charity." 

- Jonathan Pratt FRICS FGA

Managing Director - Dreweatts 

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