Curator's Picks: Edita Zulic - Secret Auction 2019

Paddle8 consultant Edita Zulic


Lot 27 - Such Great Heights (Collage on Paper)

This image evokes my curiosity to explore the unknown, travel the world and embrace a path of adventure. It also represents friendships formed along the journey.


Lot 99 - Dancer (Screenprint on Paper)

Beautiful composition, graceful movement and subtle earth tones that flow in harmony and rhythm.


Lot 130 - Link I (Acrylic on Card)

The play of form and colour challenges our perception in this work. I could look at it for hours, day after day, and never get bored. It’s a great conversation piece that offers multiple angles and perceptions. Although it’s abstract and painted on a flat surface, it speaks volumes and dimensions.


Lot 224 - Fruit Safari (Acrylic on Paper)

I can imagine passing by this artwork and smiling back every time! It’s humorous and happy. It will brighten a day to the point where I’d want to feel like I am sporting a pair of aviators and a pineapple print shirt, while surrounded by palm trees. Have we met before? Yes, we have!


Lot 471 - Untitled (Ink and Charcoal)

The precision, and imperfection at the same time, is what intrigues me about this artwork. Just like a rhetorical question, this painting is a rhetorical one for me.


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