Art on a Postcard: How to bid with The Auction Collective

Ahead of our exciting She Curates x Art on a Postcard Mini Auction, this article will give you all the information you need to bid with The Auction Collective, as well as a little bit more about their story. This is a timed online auction held between 9th – 23rd September.

Please note: The bidding process of this auction is different. Please register to bid in advance of the auction closing.

12 postcard lots from our upcoming She Curates x AOAP auction


Step 1: Register for the auction


Visit our auction page – She Curates x Art on a Postcard and register for the auction. You will need to have an account with The Auction Collective to register for the auction. 

Step 2: Begin bidding

Once bidding opens you will be able to place your ‘Maximum bid’. The platform will automatically bid for you against other bidders in bidding increments. You will be notified if you have been outbid and will be given a chance to counter. Any bids placed last minute of the auction extend the entire auction by two minutes so that everyone has the chance to bid again. For more information, please see The Auction Collective’s video on timed online auctions and their article on how to bid.

Step 3: Win your bid!

The bidder with the highest bid when the countdown times out will win the piece. The winning bidder will receive an email notifying them of their success and will be provided further instructions on payment from the AoaP team. 


The Auction Collective started as an idea by former Christie's auctioneer and Contemporary Art Specialist Tom Best. Using this wealth of expertise and an innovative auction platform, The Auction Collective provides bidders with an efficient and pleasant experience. We sat down with Tom to ask a few questions about TAC and their journey. 

What encouraged you to start the Auction Collective?
The Auction Collective has changed a lot since it was started. Originally, it was just a fun initiative to help friends buy art and connect with emerging artists. I used to run pop-up auction parties for the next generation of art collector and artist. Over time the auctions grew in size, an international network of collectors emerged and people kept asking for more. That was when I quit my job, brought together an amazing team and started running affordable yet professional contemporary art auctions. Then, driven by demand, in 2020 we opened up The Auction Collective to become a platform to help others run their auctions (see more on The Auction Collective story here).

What is unique about TAC to other auction platforms?
Because we were an auction house first and then pivoted to become a platform for others, we are able to provide the full auction expertise to our clients - from auction planning and consignment gathering, to running four different types of auction, and all the associated logistics (client KYC checks, payment processing, shipping etc.), plus marketing every auction to our global database of eager art collectors. 
But I think the thing that stands out the most is our commitment to give all of our clients, both sellers and buyers, a VIP art world experience regardless of the value of their transactions. We recognise that buying and selling art is an incredibly personal and meaningful moment and only by treating this moment and the people involved with respect can we open up the art world to more people. 

What encouraged you to work with AoaP
As a team, we have always been huge fans of the AoaP auctions and love the creative approach to the postcards. Speaking personally, I've been hooked into bidding in them on numerous occasions... 
However, it was only when speaking with Gemma about the background and perseverance of the Hepatitis C Trust to eliminate hepatitis C in the UK that I realised just how impactful the AoaP auctions were. So when the opportunity came for us to help run the auctions, we leapt at the chance. 
Are there any upcoming pieces in the She Curates auction that you enjoy/stand out to you.
I am such a fan of Nettle Grellier and, even though most of her images are cropped details, I am constantly seeing something new each time I return to one of her works - be that a hidden insect, a nuanced brushstroke or a previously unseen electric shade of colour. I could spend hours getting lost in her works and I am so excited to see her take on the postcard medium.
The other artist on my wish list is Bianca Nemelc. Her figurative landscapes are such strong paintings and normally executed at a much larger scale and so I love the subtlety and the elusiveness of the two postcard sized works in this auction. 

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