Meet our Partners: gowithYamo

Art on a Postcard is delighted to be partnering with gowithYamo to create a virtual version of our renowned exhibitions. gowithYamo also sponsors our podcast, Art on a Podcast!

gowithYamo is your personal art tour guide that helps you find exhibitions, galleries, events and showcases with a single tap. Whether you’re an Old Masters lover or a contemporary art enthusiast, they’ve got you covered. Visit their website to discover interviews, news, reviews and more virtual exhibitions.

We sat down with gowithYamo to find out more about what they do and their unique place within the art world. 

How did gowithYamo come about?

gowithYamo aims to make art more accessible to a wider audience - from emerging artists to old masters, sculpture to abstract, pop-up shows to art fairs, we don’t discriminate! It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by choice when looking for an exhibition to visit. Our founders wanted to create a unique experience whereby users could be guided through art of their liking just by using simple filters, or by choosing from our expertly picked recommendations.

What is unique about the GwY platform?

Our app is not only your pocket-sized art itinerary but you also get rewarded when visiting your favourite exhibitions by collect points (Yamos) and redeem them in our in-app gift shop. To make the experience as inclusive as possible, we encourage artists and gallerists to add to our ever-growing exhibitions list, and we ensure that the app is totally free to use. All you art enthusiasts have to do is discover art, get rewarded, and repeat - that’s our aim! 

We are also more than just an app. Our blogs and video interviews shine light on some brilliant artists, galleries, curators, and other like-minded creatives who want their voices amplified amid the business of today’s art scene. We are also thrilled to collaborate with Art on a Postcard to bring you Art on a Podcast and our virtual exhibitions compliment those in the flesh by further expanding their audience. So whether you fall among the art-lovers or art professionals, be sure to check out our website and socials @gowithyamo because you’re bound to find something for you.

What artist(s) are you excited to see more of in the coming years?

We’re constantly on the lookout for new and exciting artwork and we use our social platforms to share our findings. In recent months, we have been avid followers and champions of Elsa Rouy and Kay Gasei. At 20 years of age, Elsa has been taking the art world by storm ever since graduating earlier this year, having had several exhibitions at Guts Gallery among others. While Kay has been in the game a little longer, he surprises us with every one of his creations. His work has comic-like resemblances and deals with myth and narrative. Elsa’s work is graphic and crude. Everything we’re told to conceal, she paints loud and proud onto canvas. We love them both and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next. 

Lots 196-199 by Elsa Rouy in AoaP Winter Auction

What has been your favourite exhibition from the last 1-2 years?

It’s difficult to pick one only! As exhibitions were moved online during lockdown last year while shops, bars and music venues closed down, it was particularly special to be able to experience Electronic: From Kraftwerk to Chemical Brothers at the Design Museum. It felt almost like reliving the music scene that we desperately missed. There’s also Daniel Richter and Michael Armitage at Whitechapel, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye at Tate Britain, Jennifer Packer at Serpentine...

What encouraged you to work with AoaP? 

Art on a Postcard utilise their platform not only to raise money for charity, they also select a wonderful range of artists to participate in their auctions. Alongside some of the biggest names in the art world you can also discover a variety of lesser known artists, the important thing is the art itself at Art on a Postcard. Plus, they are a joy to work with!

Favourite episode from Art on a Podcast?

The She Curates series is a great one to listen to. We recommend the episode with Unskilled Worker, it’s fascinating to hear the unconventional ways of making it into the art scene as an artist in the digital age.

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