Jason Gibilaro

Jason Gibilaro’s pictures transport us into familiar landscapes, townscapes and peoplescapes in which the stark realities of the world and our bizarre stamp on it ring out with a deafening cezanne-esque lucidity. Iceland’s financial meltdown resonates with CCTV watchin’ a Brixton duck-pond, whilst London’s Art World populates the scenery with it’s not altogether normal approach to things.

Gibilaro is a modern social documentarian, documenting the human condition from a fly-on-the-wall perspective, the cast of the scenes saying enough about themselves to need any more filtering. The poles of subject matter seem an extreme contrast, the unusual goings-on of the London Art world set against the brutality of modern globalisation, however the link is there: human behaviour and its multifaceted oddness, whether sinister or amusing. These paintings in their colourful way, if nothing else, bear testimony to that.