Robert James Clarke

Imbued with a sense of personality that ‘captures the essence of the dog’, Robert Clarke’s drawings and paintings have attracted global attention. Clarke is regularly commissioned to portrait celebrities’ canine friends and has held exhibitions in both London and New York. Clarke prides himself on getting to know his subjects, measuring each dog’s ‘playfulness and attitude’ to bring his work to life. However, he didn't always have such an easy relationship with dogs.

Born in Luton in 1963, Clarke showed early artistic promise by winning local art competitions. Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London & New York is currently representing the artist and they signed Clarke a month after his first painting of a Smooth Fox Terrier was sent to the gallery as a Christmas card. Since the success of his first solo exhibition ‘A-Z of Dogs’, Clarke has held exhibitions both sides of the Atlantic and has been commissioned for his dog paintings in Los Angeles, Miami, New York and London.

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