Art on a Ukulele Private View

Long & Ryle opens for the Private View
All photos by Yiannis Katsaris

On Tuesday 19th September we held our Art on a Ukulele Private View for our exhibition at the Long & Ryle Gallery in Pimlico. The walls are lined with the unique pieces and displayed in order to show off their design rather than their sound as with our event on the Jazz Cafe, proving that these pieces really are amalgamations of music and art and can be explored in different contexts.

 When seeing them all together what was so fabulous was seeing how different they all are from each other. Some enforce more contemporary styles of paintings while others use ancient materials. Some designs work intentionally with the shape of the ukulele and others work against it. The project is a test in creative thought; what happens when you give some of the best living artists the same object and free reign to create on it? These ukuleles are the answer, and it's as exciting as you could have hoped.

Mick Rooney RA plays his Uke

The guests all arrived, including of course the artists who created these beautiful pieces. With the help of some delicious wine and canapes, the gallery was totally buzzing, with guests spilling out on to the streets. 

Director Gemma Peppe and Assistant to the Director Kiera Burton pleased with a succesful evening

Mick Rooney RA plays his Uke to members of The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

A busy Gallery in Pimlico 

As most of you will probably know by now, these pieces are up for auction this evening at the Gallery. Perhaps you are reading this blog with still some time to register, (the auction starts at 3pm today) and wish to place a bid, which you can do either at the gallery or online. All information can be found here. Happy bidding! 

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