Can you guess this Secret Auction Artist?

Since the Photography on a Postcard Lottery came to an end last night we thought we’d show you a piece from the upcoming Secret Auction. We hope you were all happy with your purchases and you will find out which piece you won tomorrow so stay tuned. For those who could not manage to buy one, fear not as boxsets of 50 or 100 of selected postcards will be available.

If you didn’t know about the Secret Auction from previous years, the way it works is like this. In November we will be hosting an auction of anonymous Art on a Postcard pieces. Last year people walked away with pieces by established legends like Jake and Dinos Chapman and Damien Hirst, and others with art works by some of the best upcoming talent of London's art scene.

The Artists come from a range of backgrounds and mediums to bring an important eclectic mix to the Secret Auction. This curated list will give you the chance to bid on pieces by some of the best and most diverse artists working today.

The piece we are showing you today is by a London based multimedia artist. Their works are inspired by their varied cultural heritage, having a Pakistani mother, an Indian father and an Irish stepmother. This is mirrored in their interest in the variety within different forms of art and the systems which society use to judge their value.

They utilise film, painting and sculpture to juxtapose discrete systems of image, language, site and narrative, using the editing process as a method to explore meanings and forms between film and painting. Their practice often involves collaboration, working with groups and individuals across different territories to physically and conceptually map far-reaching lines of enquiry. These networks chart different geographic locations and communities and are particularly concerned with acts of translation and re-staging. Last year they used Virtual Reality to show a small Bengali town, they furthered their exploration of boundaries and borders by tackling the most farfetched of all – reality and fantasy.

Do you know who it is?

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