David Moore for Photography on a Postcard

David Moore is a critically acclaimed London based photographer who is uses interrogating documentary modes. Having exhibited and published he has worked as a photographer and educator since graduating from West Surrey College of Art and Design, Farnham, in 1988.

Through his documentary modes, Moore observes state and social apparatus. His 2013 book and touring exhibition, Pictures from the Real World, was published to critical acclaim with reviews in Time Magazine, The Guardian, Source Magazine, Photoworks and others.

David Moore’s photographs are deeply social and political, they involve the document, theatre, collaborative practice, and post-panoptic observations of physical sites of political and corporate power via still and moving image, as well as the photographic monograph.

Within his photos we gain a glimpse of a moment within a broader context, with the feeling that there is some great action going on just off lens that has transformed and altered what we see.

In these images for Photography on a Postcard we see a selection of individuals that are transfixed in the melee of a Shanghai night. The raw emotion of these photos is grasped by his clever use of lighting and subject choice that together create dynamic photos which shroud the individuals in darkness with only their euphoric faces illuminated. The overall effect is compounded by the addition of a disembodied limb that adds to the frozen frenzy of the photographs that seem to juxtapose a serenity with a certain tautness of the sheer emotive energy of the subjects.

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