Eugenie Vronskaya for Art on a Ukulele

Eugenie Vronskaya is a Russian born figurative painter whose work has been exhibited worldwide. Studying Icon Painting from as early as nine years old, Eugenie went on to study at the Krasnopresnenskya School of Artin 1981-83. She then became the first Russian to enrol on the Masters course at the Royal College of Art where she would take portrait commissions to pay her fees.

Eugenie's work is bold and dreamlike, she uses often harsh and confident paintwork in such a way that captures the mood and likeness of a person or landscape and tells the viewer a story. John Russell Taylor said ‘we only have to look at the drawings and Vronskaya has few rivals in Britain for sheer draughtsmanship’.

In 1997 Eugenie moved to the Scottish Highlands where she established her studio at Moniach Castle and has lived ever since. The Scottish atmosphere and landscapes can be seen as an influence on her more recent work in which the materials and colours she uses reflect the magic and soothing environments. 

Vronskaya was invited by Sir Anthony Caro to participate in the International Triangle Workshop in New York State USA and subsequently was involved in running a number of Triangle International workshops in Africa (Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana)

Caro said that “I met Eugenie Vronskaya a couple of years ago, when she arrived at Pine Plane, New York State from Russia. She had come to participate in the work shop for painters and sculptors; undoubted she has overcome all sorts of difficulties to get there. I was struck at that time by her strength of purpose. Since then I have followed her work and seen it change and grow. The drawing within the painting has been allowed a greater rein. England seems to suit. Eugenie and I believe she will fulfil her promise. She is an artist; she has the touch, the determination and the temperament” - Sir Anthony Caro

Vronskaya was a winner of the Visa international Bursary which enable her to complete MA at the RCA. She worked and exhibited in London, Paris, Denmark, America, Russia and USA.

On her Art on a Ukulele piece Eugenie says ‘I was mostly responding to the form of the instrument and it's main purpose to create a sound, music therefore- MOUSAI’. The MOUSAI (Muses) were the goddesses of music, song and dance, and the source of inspiration to poets. They can be seen depicted in her Ukulele design presenting the sound hole of the ukulele as a gift to all who hear it. 

Eugenie Vronskaya 

To buy tickets to see this uke get played by The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain along with 27 others designed by Eugenie's contemporaries, go to

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