From Architecture to Printmaking, Eliza Southwood.

The artistic style of Eliza Southwood is noticeably derived from her architectural training, demonstrating a technical approach to composition, structure, form and colour, and an acute eye for detail.

Eliza Southwood - Spring Classics

Cycling is a prominent subject in Eliza’s work, having produced a wide range of cycling themed prints and illustrations, many of which are inspired by bike races, set against backdrops of scenes of local life in the mountains roused by her childhood spent in a remote part of Spain. The mechanical structure of the bicycles with their metal frames and rounded wheels, further provoke an essence of architectural design in her work.

Eliza’s cycling themed artwork has acquired significant popularity in recent years with an abundance of commissions ranging from; London Transport Museum, The Tweed Run, Epic Magazine, to ‘Cono Sur’, the official wine of the Tour de France. Consequently it would be surprising if you haven’t set eyes on her artwork before in all its colourful, compositional glory.

Specialising in painting, illustration and particularly printmaking, Eliza’s preferred drawn out, technical hand-made printing process of silk screen printing, adds detail and colours layer by layer. Eliza applies contrasting colour themes, frequently paring oranges and blues, creating vivid and animated images. Moreover, her hand-made process adds individuality with each print varying slightly from the other. Her favoured method of screen printing produces an interesting juxtaposition to her architectural influence. The flat, layered colour blocks characteristic of screen printing contrast with the dimensions and perspectives typical to architectural design.

Although in fact an acrylic painting, this untitled piece remains in the style of Eliza’s silk screen prints, with defined lines, solid shapes and block colours reminiscent of screen printing aesthetics. A rare painting amongst Eliza’s prints makes this special edition piece all the more unique. Eliza Southwood’s cycling painting is on sale at CultureLabel  with 50 editions available and 33% of the proceeds going to The Hepatitis C Trust.

For those of you who want to stick to postcard size art we have also have A6 versions of the above cyclists and Eliza's contribution to last years years Secret Auction pictured below, Two Riders

Two Riders
Available as a run of 50 limited limited edition 6x4 prints 
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