PLAY, A look at the Active Imagination of David Bray

Chips With Everything

PLAY is the core message emphasised through the illustrations and art of David Bray. With a restless soul and an active imagination Bray constantly pushes the boundaries of his artwork in order to prevent repetition and keep his work stimulating for both viewers and himself. Bray therefore continuously challenges himself by experimenting with new mediums and mark making techniques, however his preferred mediums are the basic tools of pen and pencil on paper, which allow for the chance of ‘happy accidents’.

Close To Shore

Animals and girls appear as reoccurring subject matter in his intricate yet clean drawings, through which he explores emotion, utopia, and a world of fantasy. His drawings are uniquely haunting and beautiful, with many being based on personal experience, encapsulating a dark side; feelings of regret, disappointment and missed chances, often alluded to through the title of the piece.

Frites Avec Tout

Characteristic of his favoured medium, his work focuses on line and the human form, keeping it fluid and feminine. Yet he finds various ways to introduce colour into his drawings.

‘Chips With Everything’ epitomises Bray’s style; playful, yet simple. The painted background uses a bright yet simultaneously soft colour palette against which his fluent pen drawing sits. The piece can be seen to take inspiration from the spirited 40’s and 50’s pin-up posters combined with a slight Matisse playfulness and curvature.  

About the writer
  Tara is an Art Foundation and History of Art graduate born and bred in London. She has travelled the globe extensively, immersing herself in the vibrant arts and cultures the world has to offer, and hopes her next adventure will take her to India! She is currently teaching English as a foreign language whilst enjoying volunteering at Art on a Postcard, and she hopes to break into the art world!

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